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Regular servicing of dental equipment is essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the practice. Annual servicing offers a comprehensive check-up of all the dental equipment, helping to identify any potential issues before they escalate into costly problems. Call us on: 0800 023 5989 to find out more about our servicing plans.

Annual servicing also ensures that all equipment complies with industry regulations and standards, guaranteeing the safety of both the dental staff and patients. Additionally, we offer monthly maintenance contracts that provide a convenient and proactive approach to equipment upkeep, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition throughout the year. These contracts offer peace of mind to dental practitioners, as they can rely on scheduled maintenance without having to worry about the operational integrity of their equipment.

Moreover, as part of our commitment to quality assurance, we conduct in-house x-ray testing and pressure vessel inspections. This allows us to verify the accuracy and safety of x-ray machines and ensure that pressure vessels, such as autoclaves, are functioning within safe parameters. By offering these services in-house, we provide a streamlined solution for dental practices, minimizing the need for external contractors and reducing downtime. Our focus on annual servicing and maintenance contracts, combined with in-house testing and inspections, reflects our dedication to supporting dental practices in delivering high-quality care while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Pay monthly maintenance contracts are available that include emergency breakdowns and routine maintenance.

Call us on: 0800 023 5989 to find out more about our servicing plans.