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Digital Imaging and X-rays

Browse our range of digital imaging and X-ray technology using image plates and sensors which produce images quickly and safely with the highest possible resolution.

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VistaVox S combines diagnostic reliability with efficiency and lower radiation exposure

Ideal imaging volume, easy positioning, high image quality: VistaVox S represents a milestone in the field of 3D X-ray systems. Thanks to its unique technology, the 3D images generated with this system cover everything you need for reliable diagnoses, well-founded treatment decisions and convincing patient communication. The S-Pan technology of the VistaVox S generates pinpoint accurate OPG images in best DÜRR DENTAL quality.


The perfect combination of image quality, efficiency and design

With the VistaPano S, DÜRR DENTAL has set new standards in the resolution of extraoral images. The 2-D panorama X-ray device is impressive with its simple handling and an integrated workflow, supported by an innovative 7″ touch display. The excellent imaging of the VistaPano S is produced by two innovative technologies. Firstly, state-of-the-art Csl sensor technology, producing an improved picture quality, thereby facilitating significantly improved diagnostics. Secondly, the S-Pan technology which uses the patient image to present an automatic razor-sharp panorama of every tooth and jaw position in every situation. Can be upgraded to include a Ceph.


With the VistaIntra , we now offer a high quality X-ray generator for excellent intraoral images. It impresses with its exemplary ergonomic design and is perfectly matched to DÜRR DENTAL image plates. All its features – from the radiation source, X-ray film developer, scanner and sensors to the imaging software – are infused with the expertise and quality of DÜRR DENTAL. A system from a single provider that assures the best image results thanks to optimally matched system components.

VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0

Not only does the new VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0 feature a pioneering design, it also boasts state-of-the-art technology. The image plate scanner uses the latest image plate technology and works together with VistaScan IQ image plates to open up many new AI-based features. Together with the superior image quality of the tried-and-tested PCS technology, it makes your dental practice sustainably ready for the future.

VistaScan Mini View 2.0

Not just the design of the new VistaScan Mini View 2.0 is futuristic. The technology behind it is just as pioneering. The image plate scanner uses the state-of-the-art VistaScan image plates IQ to support the latest generation of AI functions. In conjunction with the VistaScan Smart Reader, workflows are easily automated. Together with superior image quality, it makes your dental practice sustainably ready for the future.

VistaScan Ultra View

In the form of VistaScan Ultra View, a high-end device is available that combines the superior image quality of PCS technology with excellent performance and innovative, groundbreaking features. It has been developed particularly with the high demands of larger dental surgeries and clinics in mind.