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Browse our collection of stools, we supply exceptional value and high-quality stools for the dental and medical industries.

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The SGEM-GT is our entry level of chair, offering a synchronised tilt facility for the seat pad and backrest. This means that the operative can adjust the tilt of both seat pad and back rest with one handle. This chair can be fitted with adjustable arms. Ideal for Aneasthetists, Surgeons, Dentists and Ophthalmologists.

Height adjustment:

  • Standard cylinder: 480 – 610mm

Approx height ranges are measured from floor to centre of seat.


  • Adjustable arms (optional extra)
  • Backrest height adjustment
  • Hand Controls


The HGEM-SAB is a specialist stool. Whilst the back rest will act as a lumbar support, it has been designed for an operative who requires a moveable arm, without having to leave the stool. The arm can rotate 360 degrees, providing an arm with one swift movement, also the arm has a ratchet system allowing it to move closer or further away from the operative. The arm will also wrap around in front of the operative providing a torso butt, without having to straddle the seat. This is very popular with Dental nurses, Head & Neck Surgeons, Sonographers, ICU / HDU departments.

Height adjustment:

  • High cylinder: 550 – 730mm

Approx height ranges are measured from floor to centre of seat.


  • 360 SAB
  • Height adjustable footring
  • Swing around back (ratchet adjustment)

D2 Doctor Stool

Dental Operator Stool

  • Upholstery: Seamless Microfiber Leather, Upgrading Option: Leather Upholstery
  • Functions: Adjustable Height, Adjustable Backrest Angel
  • Backrest: Seamless Microfiber Leather, Ergonomic Backrest
  • Stool base: Ultra-Stable Metal Base with Caster frame with precision aluminum casting
  • Stool Pad: Round Stool Pad, Ergonomic Stool Pad

1 year warranty


N4 Nurse Stool

Dental Assisting Stool

  • Upholstery: Seamless Microfiber Leather, Upgrading Option: Leather Upholstery 

  • Functions: Adjustable Height, Adjustable Backrest Angel, Adjustable Seat Pad Angle 

  • Nurse stool base: Ultra-Stable Base, Footrest Ring, Caster frame with precision aluminum casting, Silent wheel

  • Nurse stool Pad: Round Saddle Seat Pad, Ergonomic Seat Pad 

1 year warranty


Tecnodent Ergo Line

We also have a wide range of Tecnodent professional stools available, specifically designed for all kinds of medical purposes. Tecnodent stools embody the research for the best comfort and ergonomics.


  • Wide, ergonomic and seamless seat upholstery, with high quality leatherette fabric
  • Height adjustable with gas pump
  • Possibility to customize the stool in different polyurethane and fabric colors